Kauapea – Hawaii’s Secret Beach

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Secret Beach

Looking for a dream vacation on a deserted beach with warm, azure water lapping the shoreline?

Along with privacy, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of sunshine Hawaii’s Kauapea Beach offers just what you may be looking for. It’s located off the beaten track and nicknamed “Secret Beach” by the locals.

Secret Beach

Secret Beach access

How You Get There

You’ll find this 3,000 foot long stretch of sand situated between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point. The Secret Beach is far from the normal touristy areas, and while the beach itself is a good size, it also enjoys a remote location.

To get there, beachgoers have to follow a steep, rocky, unmarked trail. Once you arrive at the beach, you just walk until you find the spot that’s right for you.

Tidal pool

Tidal pool.


While the location offers a measure of privacy and stunning beauty, the ocean at the Secret Beach tends to be subject to strong currents. During the summer it is somewhat swimmable, but it is not recommended for novice swimmers even then.

For most the year, the currents are deemed unsafe for swimming

The beach is bordered by lava rocks on both sides with jutting cliffs blanketed in lush vegetation and cascading waterfalls, but walking on the lava rocks to the left side of the Secret Beach is only safe on very calm summer days when surf reports predict waves less than two feet.

Clothing Optional Section

While public nudity is illegal in Hawaii, Kauapea Beach has a reputation as a nude beach. For the most part, people wear clothing, but the further down the beach you go toward the far east end of the beach, the more likely you’ll come across a few people who decided to soak up the sun in the buff.

For nature enthusiasts, the beach also features tidal pools along this rocky coastline, and a pool at the waterfall makes the perfect place to rinse off the salt and sand and cool off at the same time. During the summer months, you may even see dolphins play along the shoreline.

Photo credits: Break Through Communications

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