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LUX* Resorts is a totally new taste of all inclusive vacations. All three of their exotic Indian Ocean locations offer a personal touch that transforms the island getaway into a dream vacation.

Choose from the Mauritus Islands, the Maldives, or Reunion Island and find yourself one with the sea.

Each of these island homes is dedicated to preserving the landscape that makes their appeal possible, and so LUX* Resorts vow to “tread lightly” and use eco friendly products as often as possible.

They’ve teamed with aromatherapists to develop shampoos, soaps, and detergents that add a sensual aroma to your room and your skin.¬†They’ve even gone as far as developing their own brand of ice-cream, sold from retro parlor carts, scattered about the resorts.

If you need more than just relaxing on the beach, catch a movie on their pop-up screen, an impromptu music show, or visit their famous nightclubs. If you’re feeling mischievous, search for the traveling bar or the hidden “message in a bottle” for a daily resort special.

Their isn’t much that LUX hasn’t done to ensure you have the best vacation of your life. Visit LUX to start planning your next getaway.

Photo Source: Flickr/mal_b

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