Málaga Spain

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Malaga Spain

If you’re ready to get away to a destination that offers plenty of sunshine, the Mediterranean climate of Málaga Spain offers ideal winter temperatures and pleasant spring and summer weather.

Málaga is located on the southern coastline of Spain, along the Costa del Sol. It’s rich with historic sites, shops, monuments, and a unique culture all set against the backdrop of the azure waters of the Mediterranean.


Pristine beaches of Málaga Spain


For those looking for pristine stretches of beach and shoreline, the resort of Málaga makes a perfect destination with its year-round sunny weather and warm winters. Málaga’s beaches include: Baños del Carmen, El Palo, La Araña, La Caleta, La Malagueta, Misericordia, Las Acacias, Peñón del Cuervo, San Andrés, San Julián, Guadalmar.

For the best beach weather, you can expect little rain and average temps around 86°F from June to September. Winter months average a pleasant 63°F during the day.

Historic Sites to See

Málaga Spain offers a wide range of sites to see. Many are religious in origin like La Alcazaba. This landmark dates back to the 700s. The entrance, known as Puerta del Cristo (Christ’s Door), is where the first mass was celebrated after the Christian victory over the town. Just below the entrance lay the ruins of an ancient amphitheater dating back to the second century AD.

Malaga’s Cathedral is another popular site. The Cathedral, built between 1528 and 1782, is also known as “La Manquita” (one armed woman) because only one tower was completed.


Cathedral also known as “La Manquita” (one armed woman) because only one tower was completed.

Malaga, is also Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, and of the many museums and monuments to visit, it is the Museu Picasso Malaga where you can view his works. In addition to works of art, visitors can view fragments of history dating back to the seventh century B.C. from the ground beneath this museum. This collection shows visitors evidence of the city’s roots, from the Phoenician, Roman, and Moorish eras.

Málaga Spain Night Life

For visitors looking for an exciting nightlife, Málaga’s bars provide plenty of diversions for those who opt not to spend all their time on the coast’s famed beaches. The old city bustles with taverns and bistros, many of which stay open very late.

This short overview shows just a sliver of all Málaga Spain has to offer. The climate, beaches, shopping, and historic sites make it a popular destination for cruise ships. It even has a theme park, if your kids want that kind of action. Because of its popularity, expect this port city to be a busy and even crowded. It’s a one-of-a-kind place to visit.

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