Middle Fork of the Salmon River: Whitewater for All Ages

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Middle Fork Rafting

If you’re looking for a great rafting experience, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers twists and turns along 105 miles as it heads north to join the main Salmon River. This multi-day trip offers opportunities for hiking and camping along the way.

Middle Fork Rafting

Middle Fork Rafting

The whitewater rapids of Middle Fork on the Salmon River are legendary among rafters of all ages. The pure, clean, free-flowing river drops 3,000 feet during its 105 mile journey through the largest wilderness in the lower 48 states. Rafters travel through high country forest, granite canyons, and swirling seas of grassland spaces.

No roads lead to the banks of the river which are rich in Native American history, pioneer sites, and provide a vast natural habitat for abundant wildlife.

Multi-day rafting trips offers solitude, rapids, wildlife, hiking opportunities, fishing and more. The only remnants of a time when man inhabited the area are a few dilapidated log cabins dotting the landscape here and there.

Due to the length of the trip, outfitted commercial trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River include big boats known as “sweep boats” that are used to carry supplies like tents, chairs, tables, sleeping pads, and the kitchen up river. These boats usually work their way ahead of the rafters so they can have camp set up before rafters arrive.

Hike the Middle Fork River

Rafting the Main Salmon River

The main Salmon River also offers miles and miles of protected wilderness for a rich Class III rafting experience ideal for any experience level. This stretch of the river features big sandy beaches ideal for camping, as well as stunning mountains, a natural hot spring, and plenty of wildlife.

The Salmon River makes an ideal destination for those wanting to get away from it all who still want to experience some thrills. For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s not another destination like it.

Photo credits: dennis, Rafting Company, roy.luck

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