Must Visit Places: Iguazú Falls

May 22, 2012 by

Straddling the Argentina/Brazil border, Iguazú Falls has been called many things, including “Niagara on Viagra.”

Literally translating to “Big Water” in Guarani, Iguazú lives up to its name. The falls are comprised of 14 miles of thundering waterfalls that plummet up to 229 feet to a giant gorge below. And don’t forget about the spectacular subtropical setting.

Seemingly a world away, it’s hard to believe this ecological wonder is only a 90-minute flight from the buzz of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.

The paperwork can be a hassle (Americans wanting to visit the side of the falls in Brazil must first obtain a $140 Brazilian visa several weeks before their journey at an embassy in the US) but is worth it. Devil’s Throat, the largest waterfall in the park, is stunning when viewed from the Brazilian side, and the bird park located here is a visitor favorite.

Travelers should budget at least two days to see Iguazú and should plan on bringing some seriously waterproof apparel—there is plenty of opportunity to get a full sensory experience, leaving you soaked.

Fortunate enough to visit during a full moon? Plan on taking a guided moonlight tour to see the falls in a different light.

photo credit: SF Brit, flickr

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