Must Visit: The Golden Gate in Kiev, Ukraine

January 23, 2012 by

The Golden Gate of Kiev is commonly known as “Zoloti Vorata”, which quite literally means ‘golden gate’. This appropriately describes the beautiful entryway that leads into the old city of Kiev.
Currently it serves as a museum and can be found on the corner of Volodymyr street and Yaroslaviv Val Street (Yaroslav’s Moat). The name Zoloti Vorota is also used for a nearby theatre and a station of the Kiev Metro.

It was during the middle of the eleventh century that this beautiful gateway – which is one of three – was constructed by the Prince of Kiev, “Yaroslav the Wise” as many Russian historians often portrayed him. Interestingly, he had a far less appealing side to his personality, having imprisoned Sudislav, his younger brother, for life and being the assumed participation in the deaths of his other siblings. It often makes you wonder how someone of such aggression could have found the heart to create such beautiful gates. However, it is very likely that the Golden Gate of Kiev was modeled after the Golden Gates of Constantinople.

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