Must Visit: The Pelion Peninsula in Central Greece

February 22, 2012 by

The Pelion peninsula in Central Greece is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in all of Greece. It is the perfect combination of sea and mountains, where the purest elements of nature blend together perfectly, creating a landscape unlike any other. The setting is one that is perfect for holidays throughout the year.
According to the Greek mythology, Pelion was the home of the Centaurs, the mythological creatures that were half men and half horses. Surrounded by overgrown forests with tall pine and plane trees, Mount Pelion has many traditional villages and coastal resorts to host tourists. Most of the beaches in Pelion have been awarded with the Blue Flag for their cleanness.The tourists can have a water sports, and swim in the magnificent blue waters. The adventure lovers can choose between horse riding, climbing and hiking. Pelion distinguishes for the natural paths that enhance its beauty.
When winter comes, the ski centre located in Agriolefkes offers great facilities for skiing with view to the sea. Also an agricultural region, Pelion Greece is known for its products, such as cheese, nuts, olives and honey. Like other areas in Greece, Pelion has retained its traditional style and customs. Most of the taverns cook the traditional way using locally grown products. A region gifted with natural beauty, Pelion Greece has exquisite beaches with the azure waters and the soft sand offering an exotic surrounding.

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