New Trend: Honeymoon Registry

November 1, 2012 by

Wedding gift registries are no new thing. Picking out the gifts you want to receive on your big day is actually one of the most enjoyable activities for couples, and while most people register at stores, you can now register for honeymoons.

Instead of getting china or vases that you might not even use, put your wedding gift registry funds towards the vacation of a lifetime.

Sites like Honeymoon Wishes and Honey Fund make it free and easy for couples who are getting married to set up a honeymoon registry. These websites allow couples to create a custom website within the sites for their honeymoon and to list out parts of the honeymoon that they would like to have guests donate to.

For example, a couple could break a honeymoon down into airfare, hotel expenses, activities and meals. The couple would then alert guests that they have set up a honeymoon registry online, and guests can “buy” the couple a portion of their honeymoon, just as they would buy a gift.

Honeymoon registry sites are one of the biggest trends in wedding gift registry, and can help a couple have a memorable honeymoon that they might not have otherwise been able to afford. Any money received goes directly towards the couple for use on the vacation of their dreams.

Photo source: Honeymoon Wishes

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    It’s basically like asking for money, but many wedding guests are happy to contribute to something that the couple will enjoy and truly want. This is a nice option.

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