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Ngardmau Waterfall and Hiking Tour

November 5, 2015 by

Ngardmau waterfall, Palau

Ngardmau waterfall, Palau

Palau offers a pristine setting, warm weather year round, and plenty to do and see for those who love water sports, beaches, and rainforest.

For hikers, there’s nothing like hiking in the jungle to get to one of the biggest waterfalls in Palau. The Ngardmau Waterfall and hiking tour is a 40 minute hike (each way) through the hot and humid rainforest and rewards with a waterfall that refreshes your body and soul.

fresh waterhole

Hikers enjoy lunch at the waterfall’s fresh waterhole.

Ngardmau Waterfall and Hiking Tour

The Ngardmau Waterfall is located within Ngardmau State, Palau. This hiking tour puts you in touch with nature, lets you play at the river, listen to birds sing, and walk along a mountain ridge as you pass through the rainforest.

In all, the hiking tour takes 7 hours including getting there. For those unable to make the trek, a tram is available but the cost of the tram is about triple that of the tour itself.

And for the really adventurous, a zipline will get you there faster, but it will make you miss lunch at the waterfall’s fresh waterhole where hikers can play along the way.

Ngardmau waterfall,

Not Your Typical Monorail

The monorail isn’t anything fancy or even modern. The best way to describe it is bare bones. The engine is about the size of a modified riding lawnmower, and the tram itself has no sides or roof. In fact, passengers must lean in their seats on the curves as they hold the handrails in front of them.

What to Wear

The weather is hot so hikers should plan to wear tee-shirt and shorts over their swim suit. Also be sure to wear a hat and to bring sunscreen along with a towel and your camera.

This is a long hike, and actually includes seeing 2 falls, but the Ngardmau Waterfall is the largest in Micronesia. You can actually swim beneath it!

Locals believe it emits negative ions that relieve tiredness, and whether that’s it or not, a visit to the falls is an exhilarating experience and one nature lovers and hikers alike will never forget.

Photo credits: darllives

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