Ohiopyle Whitewater Rafting

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Family Rafting

The Middle Yough River is the popular choice for family rafting.

If you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation for the whole family, an Ohiopyle whitewater rafting destination fits the bill. A visit to the Ohiopyle State Park offers rafting for people of all ages and levels of experience on two rivers.

The Family Friendly Middle Yough River

If you’re vacationing with children under the age of 12 the Middle Yough River is the popular choice for rafting. Children as young as 5 years old can be included on guided rafting trips. Its gentle rapids are calm enough it make it a relaxing adventure for the whole family.

World Class Rafting

The Lower Yough, on the other hand, offers rafting fun for seasoned rafters as well as the novice rafter. It is appropriate for guests ages 12 and up. These popular rapids carry more than 10,000 rafters a year down the Lower Yough for class III and class IV adventure.

Upper Yough Rafting

Experience rafters enjoy extreme whitewater rafting on the Upper Yough.

Extreme Whitewater Rafting on the Upper Yough

If you’re a seasoned rafter, the Upper Yough provides class V river rafting. The pounding rapids run for 9.5 miles and offer narrow twists and turns, and heart-stopping drops. Rafters must be in good physical condition and have experience in whitewater rafting because everyone in the raft is a participant. An experienced professional rides with you for the entire journey. It runs from April to October and is recommended for rafters 16 years old and up.


Yough Plaza Motel

Yough Plaza Motel

Lodging at the Park

The Ohiopyle State Park offers lodging at the 10-unit, 5 suite Yough Plaza Motel. Rooms sleep up to 4-6 people. While accommodations are not fancy, they are clean and cozy, and it’s within walking distance of hiking, cross-country skiing in the winter as well as sledding.

It’s a perfect blend for a relaxing adventure. Reservations are recommended, so if you plan to make this your vacation destination be sure to call ahead at 1-800-992-7238 or you can make reservations online.

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