Pagsanjan Falls an Adventure in Relaxation

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Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls makes a great day trip for those looking to escape the busyness of the city of Manila. Tours provide a local guide, boat rides along the rapids and a relaxing opportunity to take in the lush landscape.

Swim within a hidden cave under the falls.

Things to Do when Visiting Pagsanjan Falls

The majestic Pagsanjan Falls are a popular attraction that offers opportunities to swim in a hidden cave and enjoy traditional Filipino cuisine while listening to a live local band.

When you arrive at the falls, you’ll be offered a refreshing coconut drink before you climb aboard a canoe-like boat known as a banca.

Expert boatmen navigate the banca upstream through the narrow, fertile Pagsanjan gorge. You’ll pass through canyons lined with rocks, waterfalls, and lush tropical vegetation with the opportunity for a unique chance to spot some of the abundant wildlife.

The banca docks at a natural pool below the Pagsanjan Falls and offers an opportunity to climb aboard a raft to visit a hidden cave, where visitors can swim and explore.

After a relaxing swim, you’ll return to your boat for an adventurous trip downstream. The exhilarating ride along the rapids will get your heart pumping as the boatmen steer through churning waters past huge boulders.

The trip concludes with a stop at the visitor’s center where you can take in exhibits of Philippine culture and a buffet offering traditional Filipino dishes. Guests enjoy live music played by a local band as they eat before returning to their hotel.

pagsanjan falls

Full Day Trip

For those staying in Manila, a trip to Pagsanjan Falls is a full day trip. Pagsanjan is located in the province of Laguna and takes about 2.5 hours to get there. On the way, if you like, you can visit a local village to try specialties like coconut wine and coconut cream pie.

For those who’d like to enjoy the falls without staying in the city, the Pagsanjan Falls Resort provides the ideal solution.

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