Rejuvenate in Ischia Italy

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Ischia Italy

The island of Ischia is the largest of three islands located off the coast of Naples, Italy, within the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. To get there, catch a ferry out of Naples, and you’ll be delivered to a haven perfect for rejuvenating over-taxed nerves.

Sant' Angelo

Shop in traffic free Sant’ Angelo

Beaches, Mountains, and More

The island of Ischia, Italy, features 40 kilometers of coastline, sun-soaked beaches and a mountainous terrain. For those who enjoy shopping, the traffic-free town of Sant’ Angelo offers boutiques and locals who sell handcrafted items including pottery.

Because the village is located on a narrow jetty and can only be reached on foot, the quaint village remains an unspoiled opportunity to see the sea life being lived out. Some of the homes there are still typical whitewashed fishermen houses separated by narrow, winding streets.

However, frequent earthquakes have contributed to┬áthe island’s look with baroque and liberty-style buildings nestled among rural houses. As quaint as the village seems by day, at night the village awakens with club and bar life while luxurious boats harboring off the coast transform the island into an exclusive and fashionable place to be.

Concerts in the Garden

Concerts and other cultural events are offered in a garden created by the wife of the English composer William Walton, known as the Mortella. The lush gardens also include a zen garden, and are a perfect place to relax.



Underwater Paradise

In the waters around the island, guests will enjoy a variety of underwater life including seaweeds, dolphin, and coral creating an underwater paradise. Taxi boats are available for hire to help visitors discover interesting and beautiful places.

For those looking for an island getaway, Ischia, Italy offers a blend of quiet tropical beauty, spas, mountains, gardens, shopping, and even a nightlife.

Photo credits: Renzo Ferrante, bortescristian, ndrwfgg

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