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Out on the Indian Ocean, between Africa and India, lie the Seychelles. This strand has over 115 islands to be explored and is no secret to the rich and famous. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been known to spend a weekend or two here.

Beyond the crowds of Versace clad beach goers and large scale tourism operators, there are low key locals who fear the loss of the heart and soul of the Seychelles. These people want to keep their islands beautiful and pristine and are welcoming eco-tourism with open arms, allowing for a more budget friendly trip to these luxurious islands.

Sixty percent of the Seychelles’s economy is supported by tourism, so cutting off big scale hotel chains is out of the question. Instead, the locals, or the Seychellois have built environmentally friendly hotels and apartments and plan to preserve 50 percent of the remaining land to nature preserves and restoration projects.

Your visit here could help this island maintain it’s history, beautiful rainforests, and remaining exotic species.

Stay at Pieds Dans L’eau for a private apartment in the sand, where double rooms run just $125/night.

Gather in the gardens for Sunday brunch while tortoises graze nearby and coco de mer trees rustle in the beachy breeze at Le Jardin du Roi Restaurant and Botanical Garden. Brunch runs $24, while weekday a la carte menus cost $6-15.

Dive the Alice in Wonderland reef and look for the hammerhead and tiger sharks with Dive Resort Seychelles, who run dive trips for just $62.

Or just simply soak up the sun on a private beach outside your apartment.

Either way, Seychelles is a getaway fit for a king and queen with a cost that you can fit into any budget.

Source: Flickr/travelourplanet

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