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Riding the Indian Pacific

Riding the Indian Pacific in comfort.

Australia is a vast continent that reaches from the Indian Ocean on the west to the Pacific Ocean on the east. A train that gets its name from both of those oceans, the Indian Pacific, offers travelers four days and three nights to see the country in a most indulgent way.

Sit back in comfort as you watch Australia’s magnificent landscapes while traveling to Australia’s capital city of Perth, or head in the opposite direction to the harbor city of Sydney. In all, travelers have three trains to choose from.

Sydney Perth Sign

The Gahn

The Gahn journey takes you by train through the heart of Australia, between Adelaide in the south and the northern tropical city of Darwin. This three-day trip introduces travelers to red vistas, and an opportunity to catch sightings of Australia’s unique wildlife as you wind through the outback.

This trip carries passengers through Red Centre and lets you take in the sights of Alice Springs and enjoy the spirit and beauty of Katherine Gorge. The colorful scenery is breathtaking!

Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific travels from coast-to-coast along the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. This trip departs from either Sydney or Perth and takes you through the immense desert of the Nullarbor Plain in comfort and style.

The itinerary includes time to explore the South Australian capital of Adelaide, and the Outback mining towns of Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie.

The Overland

The Overland

The Overland train trip connects Australia’s southeastern cities as it travels from Melbourne to Adelaide and back. This journey is named after the historic Overlanders who use to travel this same route on horseback. Now, 125 years later, the Overland passengers enjoy the same sights of the rugged mallee scrubland, vast open plains, and fields of crops while relaxing in comfort.

These trains offer rail holidays that provide a unique perspective of the Land Down Under. Specials are offered regularly, so be sure to check their website to see what deals are available.

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