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See Greenland by Dog Sled

November 6, 2015 by

Dog Sled

While dog sledding is one of the most traditional modes of transportation in Greenland during the winter months, it is also a lot of fun.

Dog sledding tours offer a great way to experience Greenland. Sledding tours are available along the entire east coast, and on the west coast north of the Arctic Circle (south of the Arctic Circle, winters don’t last long enough).

Winter is the ideal time to try your hand at dog sledding. Limited tours are available in the summer to Lyngmark glacier on Disko Island but they can’t be booked until you arrive and will depend on weather/snow/and ice.

Difference in Sleds For Different Terrain

Dogsleds in Eastern and Western Greenland differ because the terrains vary.

In Eastern Greenland, sleds are long and narrow because travel is along more rolling landscapes and many ice shelves and ice packs. In Western Greenland, sleds have a shorter and wider design to cover flatter ground like sea ice.


Dog Sledding Tours

Dog sled tours offer a variety of choices. This short list provides a sampling of what is available.

  • World of Greenland Arctic Circle offers 3-day tours that travel from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut by dog sled. For this tour, overnight accommodations are usually hunting cabins, though sometimes it may be a tent. It’s a physically challenging tour which requires reasonably good physical ability to participate.
  • Greenland Travel 5-day tours offers freedom to pick your activities. The excursion package includes trying to ride a dog sled, and a visit to the ice fjord. This tour is suitable for all fitness levels and offers the opportunities to see a mixture of modern life as well as old Greenlandic traditions.
  • Greenland 8-day tours offers daily dog sled tours starting February and ending mid-April. Included in the price for these 8-day tours are 4-5 hours guided snowshoeing along the ice fjord, 3 days of dog sledding from Ilulissat, 2 night in-hut, lunch on day two and full board from lunch on day 3 to lunch on day five and 5 nights in Ilulissat. And participants also have the possibility to book and pay for excursions on the spot depending on weather.



What to Wear

When dog sledding in Greenland during the winter months, expect conditions similar to a real arctic expedition. You may think your winter clothing will be warm enough, but polar clothing is required.

These tours offer an opportunity to test your personal limits under controlled circumstances and to gain an unforgettable first-hand view of the country’s grandeur.

Photo credits: Greenland Travel, pixabay, wikimedia

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