Sightseeing in Stockholm

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Sightseeing in Stockholm

Sightseeing in Stockholm

Whether you’re traveling to Stockholm for pleasure or business, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of sightseeing in Stockholm while you’re there. You won’t find a more tourist-friendly city.

The weather is welcoming for both summer or winter, and the city itself is easy to get around with everything in walking distance. An added benefit is that most residents speak perfect English.

Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm Old Town

Save Money when Sightseeing in Stockholm

If you’ve never visited Stockholm, you may want to consider joining a tour to help you take in the sights as you learn about them.

If you’re not much for the guided tour thing, you can buy a Stockholm hop-on-hop-off pass which can be used to get on an off buses and sightseeing boats for 72 hours. This allows the freedom to see and experience Stockholm at your leisure.

Must-See Landmarks

Truthfully, Stockholm has more landmarks than you’ll probably see in one visit, so to get you started, here are a handful you’ll want to be sure you don’t miss.

Old Town Stockholm: Old Town Stockholm is probably one of the most popular sites with its narrow cobbled streets and historic, colorful buildings, cathedrals, and shops filled with hand-crafted items, art galleries, and restaurants.

Along with all that, here you’ll also have the chance to see the change of the guard outside the royal palace. Old Town Stockholm has so much to see and offer, that many tours start here.

Skansen Bakery

Skansen Bakery

Open Air Museum (Skansen): Skansen is a perfect place to visit whether it is just you or you’re traveling with your family. It consists of 150 farms and homes moved from all over the country to create a quaint village-like atmosphere that transports visitors to another era.

Town districts offer unique attractions including glass blowing, pottery, a bakery, and other markets, as well as beautiful manor houses and an 18th century wooden church, along with a zoo that features wild Nordic animals and plenty more designed to entertain kids of any age.

Kayak the islands in the outer Stockholm archipelago

Kayak the islands in the outer Stockholm archipelago.

Archipelago: The archipelago consists of thousands of small and medium-sized islands. Take a boat trip or rent a kayak for a self-guided tour.

Visit islands in the outer Stockholm archipelago, and put up a tent on an uninhabited island for a magical experience!

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