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Swim Tours the Hot New Vacation Thing to Do

September 28, 2015 by

Swim Tour

People looking for an active vacation can add a new option to the list. Along with cycling tours, running or hiking tours, now a growing number of people are signing up for swim tours.

Swim tour companies take care of all the logistics and even include lodging (sometimes on a boat) in the package.

Swim Tour Croacia

Short Swims (Croatia)

For those interested but not quite sure a swim tour is for them, Swim Trek offers perfect short swim introductory trips that explore the Croatian coastline. The swims combine island hopping and coastal swims averaging about 2.5 km (little more than 1 mile) a day.

These short swims are perfect for travelers who like more time to relax than swim and are still fully guides tours complete with a safety escort, accommodations, breakfast and lunch.


Adventure Swim Tours

Companies like Strel Adventures feature distinctive swimming holiday trips in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Lake Powell in Arizona. They offer tours for experienced open-water swimmers as well as options suited for travelers looking for something different to do on their vacation.

All you need to bring is your swimsuit and goggles, the rest is provided. Swimming destinations selected in the Mediterranean have been carefully chosen with both location and safety in mind. Guests must by 16 years or older to join one of these tours.

Big Blue offers a 7-day swimming adventure vacation that takes guests to 12 beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea, located west of the Greek mainland.

These tours are a perfect choice for experienced swimmers or for swimmers who are in more of a sight-seeing mode. Either way, guests have the opportunity to visit pristine beaches, secret caves, uninhabited islands, and more.

This is just a handful of possibilities available for those looking for a swimcentric vacation.

Whether you want to swim across the British Virgin Isles or dip in the Gulf of Kotor, you can find a swim tour package suited to your specific interests, and as a bonus the tour companies take care of all the logistics including lodging.

Photo credits: Simon Murie, Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays, Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays

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