Switzerland Tourist Attractions

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Swiss Path

Swiss Path combines hiking and history.

Switzerland is bordered by France, Germany, Italy, and Austria, and offers breathtaking mountain views and plenty to do. Along with being known as the “Land of the Alps” the Swiss are known for their chocolate, pocket knives, and watches.

Since Switzerland isn’t large, you can enjoy the advantage of traveling by train from one city to another. If you want, in many cases you can still get back to your lodging in time for dinner, or you can plan a trip on the famous Glacier Express or the GoldenPass Panoramic train for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view pristine vistas in the Switzerland mountains.

Hiking trails are a popular tourist attraction.

Hiking trails are a popular tourist attraction.

Switzerland Mountains Offer Hiking and More

When it comes to things to see and do in Switzerland, the Switzerland mountains offer thousands of miles of well-marked trails. Hiking trails offer something for all skill levels, and provide a perfect opportunity for nature lovers to witness native wildlife.

Hikers can take advantage of a free iPhone app available through Switzerland Tourism that provides info on 32 of the country’s hiking trails. For history lovers also interested in hiking, the Swiss Path is a perfect attraction. As you hike, it takes visitors to historic sites.

Outdoor activities are popular attractions year round. Skiing is among the most popular winter activies, but snow playgrounds, winter resorts, and wellness and spa hotels offer a wide range of activities.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Switzerland Tourist Attractions

Chateau de Chillon: For those with an interest in castles, history, or medieval life, the Chateau de Chillon is one Switzerland tourist attraction you won’t want to pass by. This castle stands on the shores of Lake Geneva, and is one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Europe.

Rhine Falls: Switzerland is also home to the Rhine falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. At 50 meters in width, visitors stand in awe as thundering torrents cascade over the cliff. While you’re there, you may want to stop at the nearby Schloss Worth Castle for an additional treat.

The Matterhorn: One of the most visited tourist attractions in Switzerland is the Matterhorn. At 4,478 m, it is the most recognized and most photographed peak in the Swiss Alps.

Jungfraujoch: At 11,000 feet, the Jungfraujoch station sits between two of the region’s highest mountain peaks. This is a favorite destination for rock climbers. It offers up majestic views for as far as you can see. You get there by train.

Salt Mines Museum: The salt mines museum is an interesting and historic attraction. Find out why salt is called “white gold.”

Chateau de Chillon Castle

Chateau de Chillion Castle

This handful of attractions just scratches the surface of things to do and see in Switzerland. You’ll find attractions with historic roots, religious origins such as Abbey Church Romainmotier, or Mario Botta’s Mountain Church, as well as museums, and parks such as the Swiss National Park.

The thing you’ll find is that many of the attractions found in Switzerland are either tied to nature, history, or both.

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