Tenerife an Extraordinary Island Destination

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Tenerife is the largest and most-known Canary Island with more than 10 million visitors a year. Also known as the “Island of Eternal Spring”, it has a reputation for having the best climate in Spain.

Due to the immensity of the coastline, Tenerife boasts dozens of beaches with varying colors of sand, with 13 of the beaches listed among the best in the Canary Islands for the quality of their waters.

The Tenerife Experience

While many of the tourists visiting Tenerife head straight to the resorts of the south, visitors who want to experience the island’s extraordinary diversity won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’re looking for designer shops, a hike through the tropical-forest, exploring trails through volcanic lava, or something else, Tenerife has it all.

Tenerife Hiking


Tenerife offers a number of trails and paths that wind through a variety of environments with different levels of difficulty. Hiking Tenerife offers a perfect opportunity to discover the island’s beauty, and to get to learn about the life and people there including the aboriginals (guanches).

For those looking for a challenge, the walk up to the peak of Mount Teide (3,717 meters) requires a permit from park authorities. Complete information is available through the two visitor centers on sight.

Aside from that, the National Park, Rural Parks of Teno and Anaga, also provide hiking trails full of interesting plants, wildlife, and isolated country villages. In Anaga, you can even follow an ancient “Guanche” trail.

Whale Watching

Whale watchers (and dolphin watchers) will find the south-west coast of Tenerife an outstanding location to observe whales in the wild.

Here, colonies of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins make their home throughout the year, and depending upon the time of the year, visitors may spot up to twenty-one different species off the coastline, from giant blue whale to killer whales.



For those ready to experience the spectacular underwater environments of Tenerife, instructors, courses, guides and equipment are all available as part of a full range of services with local dive centers.


Golfers will find nine courses to enjoy on Tenerife. From the ocean views of Amarilla Golf course located in Tenerife South to the Buenavista Golf Course situated on striking cliffs and flanked by the Teno Country Park, the views from the courses on Tenerife offer a stunning bonus. The view!

The island of Tenerife’s weather, picturesque villages, stunning landscapes and idyllic beaches offer the perfect ingredients for an island get away with plenty to do, or nothing to do. The choice is yours.

Photo credits: wikipedia, wikimedia, pixabay

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