The Cyclades an Idyllic Grecian Getaway

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cyclades islands greeceThe Cyclades are Greek islands that offer everything a person can hope for in an island getaway. The Cyclades islands are scattered along Greece’s shoreline in the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Villages sport unique white-cubist houses build in 1841 shortly after Athens became the capital of a newly independent Greece. These unique homes are nestled along golden beaches and olive groves amid mountain slopes and terraced valleys. It’s an idyllic backdrop for those ready to relax and soak up the sun.


Mykonos is advertised as “an island made by Gods for people.” The crystal blue waters and golden beaches are the main draw, and the island has plenty of things to do and more than 10,000 inhabitants.

A few things to see while visiting are the Mykonos windmills which were built in the 16th century, and Little Venice which is built directly on the edge of the sea. Visits to the Archaeological Museum or the Aegean Maritime Museum offer interesting insights to Mykonos’ past.

Santorini Cycladic houses with windows trimmed in blue.

Santorini Cycladic houses with windows trimmed in blue.


Santorini offers spectacular landscapes, traditional villages housed on tall cliffs, and breathtaking views that overlook a submerged volcano. It’s one of the most popular destinations of Greece with thousands of tourists visiting each year.

The villages of Fira, Firostefani, Immerovigli and Oia are comprised of white Cycladic houses with windows trimmed in blue. Santorini offers a large assortment of accommodations to choose from and plenty to do and see.


Naxos Island was a cultural center of classical Greece. It’s more fertile than the majority of other Cyclades islands and produces olives, grapes, figs, citrus fruit, and other crops. It is home to Mt. Zeus, the highest peak in the Cyclades.

Visitors enjoy the beaches and charming villages like Apiranthos and Halki. It offers a perfect opportunity to explore on foot as ancient footpaths wind through the villages to sites worth visiting.

Naxos Island

Naxos Island was a cultural center of classical Greece.

Smaller Islands

Many of the smaller islands like Donousa, which is just east of Naxos and the northernmost island of the Small Eastern Cyclades, enjoys numerous hidden coves nestled along stunning beaches. The island is home to four small villages with only 110 inhabitants. If you’re looking for peaceful, this is it.

The smaller islands, such as Iraklia and Anfi, feature magnificent, unsullied beaches, but there are no banks, gas stations, buses or taxis. On these islands, visitors can find rooms for let, restaurants serving local delicacies, and a single ATM machine, but not many other modern luxuries.

The Cyclades form a circle around the island of Delos and provides an inspiring journey for those looking for an interesting an unique island-hopping vacation.

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