Things to Do In Berlin

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Berlin is a city rich with history. If you’re planning a visit, you may be surprised that popular things to do in Berlin include more than museums. You’ll also find opportunities to bike, enjoy the symphony, go to the zoo, stroll through Charlottenburg gardens, or visit the planetarium.

DDR Museum

DDR is an interactive, unique look at history.

Things to Do In Berlin

This handful of things to do in Berlin offer a glimpse at the diversity of things to do and see in this culturally rich city.

  • DDR Museum: This museum offers an interactive look at how millions of people lived in the German Democratic Republic. This hands-on museum not only covers the crimes of the State Security or border defenses at the Berlin Wall, it also highlights everyday life in this socialist state.
  • Checkpoint Charlie Border Crossing (Mauer Museum): You don’t want to miss where the East met the West during the Cold War era. Displays include the Charta 77 typewriter, the hectograph of the illegal periodical Umweltblätter and Mahatma Gandhi’s sandals and diary.
  • Jewish Museum Berlin: This museum is dedicated to the history and life of German Jews.
  • Tiergarten: Tiergarten (animal garden) offers a break from the busy streets of Berlin. Think of it as the Central Park of Berlin. The garden’s 630 acres features meadows, trees, lakes, and wildlife. Admission to the Tiergarten if free and while you’re there, you can visit two different biergartens.
  • Berlin Zoo: The Berlin Zoo houses more than 14,000 animals and is located in the Southwestern section of Tiergarten.

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo claims to be the largest zoo in Europe.

Benefits of Using a Berlin Pass

No matter what’s on your list of things to do in Berlin, a Berlin Pass can help you accomplish what you want to do for less. The Berlin Pass is a sightseeing package that provides free entry to more than 45 museums, art galleries, and an additional 10 attractions including the Berliner Dom, and allows you to travel on public transport in Berlin (zones ABC) at no charge.

If you’ve never been to Berlin, this is a great way to get around and see a wide range of what Berlin has to offer and save money at the same time. For those still trying to figure out which sites you want to see, the Berlin Pass comes with a free Guidebook with more than 90 pages of possibilities.

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