Things to Do in Paris: Dalí Exhibition

October 23, 2013 by


If you’re visiting Paris, plan a stop for the Dalí Exhibition at Espace. This permanent exhibit has close to 300 original works from the master of surrealism himself.

The Espace is located near Montmartre which has been known as a center for arts, being home to Dalí, Picasso, and Renoir and also being the birthplace of cubism. It was in France that Dalí began his exploration of surrealist works and became a surrealist himself.

Dalí is most well known for his exotic and dramatic paintings of long legged elephants (The Elephants) and droopy clocks (The Persistence of Memory), but he was also a profound sculptor, engraver, and designer. This exhibit serves to honor these lesser known works of art.

Spend a day here admiring the 3D angels, clocks, elephants, crutches, and snails, all objects of Dalinian philosophy. Also on display are videos that Dalí and friends produced themselved, helping pave the way for surrealism in cinema.

The exhibit is open year round, from 10am-6pm. They have a later closing time of 8pm in July and August. Purchase your tickets online and pick them up at the box office.

For Europe, prices are 6.50€ and for the US, prices are $13.50. You can purchase them here. Visit the website for more information.

Photo Source: Flickr/umdrums

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  1. Penny W. says:

    I would love to see this. I’ve seen some amazing art pieces and collections while in Paris, but this would be terrific to add to the list!

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