Things to Do When You Visit Easter Island

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Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach on Easter Island

When you think of Easter Island, the first things that comes to mind are the Easter Island statues, and for good reason. These large ancient statues carved from volcanic rock were sculpted over a matter of 300 years, from 1200 – 1500 CE.

These incredible pieces have been the focus of many theories and much study. According to legend, the local king of the island had called upon the gods and ordered the statues to walk to their final resting places.

Today the statues are a favorite attraction, but along with the statues, Easter Island offers other things to do for your vacation. 

Things to Do When You Visit Easter Island 

Rano Kau

Hike to the rim of Rano Kau


Hike to the summit of the extinct Rano Kau volcano. From there you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the island and South Pacific. The edge of the crater drops 1,000 feet to a sparkling blue sea.

The hike takes you through ferns, a eucalyptus forest, and open grasslands. The trail eventually turns to gravel at the crater’s rim.

The hike follows a gentle grade and is easy to follow once you find the start of the trail. Round trip is about six miles. There is also a trail at the bottom of the crater for those who have time to explore. 

If volcanoes are of interest, Easter Island has more. Poike Volcano is found on Poike Peninsula in northwestern Rapa Nui. Here you can find several smaller volcanic cones, too. 

Horseback riding on Easter Island

Horseback riding on Easter Island

Go to the Beach

Anakena Beach is a unique beach experience you won’t want to miss when visiting Easter Island. Its warm waters and white sand make a picture perfect backdrop for a relaxing day, but no other beach has moai (Easter Island statues) overseeing your activities.

The two monuments located at Anakena Beach were restored in 1954. This beach is a popular spot for scuba diving, swimming, photography, horseback riding, and hiking. 

A second beach, Ovahe Beach, is located just to the southeast of Anakena Beach. This beach has a rocky shore and even in the water you have to step carefully to avoid sharp rocks. There aren’t any moai nearby to oversee your fun in the sun at this beach.

Visit the Only Town on the Island

Hanga Roa is the only village on Easter Island. With more than 3,000 inhabitants it is the capital of Easter Island, known by the locals as Rapa Nui.

While it may be small, it does boast an international airport. Here, you’ll find accommodations for stay, and plenty of tour agencies to help plan your activities. 

Tour Easter Island

If you’ve never been to Easter island, you may want to consider booking an organized tour. It will cut down on how much walking you’ll have to do, and you’ll probably cover much more ground.

Plus, it is easy to find guides who speak English as well as Spanish, French and German, which will help you get much more out of your trip. 

Photo credits: magical-world, Arian Zwegers, ArtBrom

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  1. Julie C. says:

    There are just so many places in the world and not enough time/money to see them all! Easter Island is a unique spot I’d love to get to see.

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