Things to See in Capo Testa Italy

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Explore Capo Testa

Explore the granite cliffs of Capo Testa

Capo Testa, Italy, is a scenic destination situated on a small peninsula, just miles from Santa Teresa di Gallura. It’s a peaceful, idyllic location known for huge granite formations in the popular Valley of the Moon and beautiful beaches.

This destination is all about location and it makes an interesting day trip when staying in Santa Teresa di Gallura. If you plan to walk to Capo Testa, though, be sure to bring your own water because it is a hilly hike.

Valley of the Moon (Valley della Luna)

The area west of Capto Testa is known as the Valley of the Moon (Valley della Luna). The imposing granite rock formations of Turri are fun to explore and offer hidden coves and three major falls.

The summit is easily accessible via a number of rocky foot trails dotted with Mediterranean undergrowth.

Capo Testa

Enjoy tranquil azure waters.

Some of the Best Beaches in Sardinia

Below the summit, the rocky Cala di Mezu is great for snorkeling and exploring the cliffs. This cove is a popular choice with the locals. In the same area is the grassy beach of Ala di l’Ea and the beautiful Cala Grande beach.

The color of the calm seas is that amazing azure seen on postcards, making the beaches ideal for kids. Plus the weather is nice enough you can swim into October.

Capo Testa Lighthouse

Capo Testa Lighthouse

Capo Testa Wildlife

While you may see turtles and lizards in Capo Testa, unfortunately, the area has been over fished, making marine life sparser than it use to be. Snorkeling offers spectacular underwater landscapes but little marine life.

Capo Testa is a treat for those who like to explore while away from crowds, shopping, and touristy attractions. It offers lovely views, and a peaceful setting where you can amble at your own pace or play in the sea.

Photo credits: ntn6,  Dr. Gianluigi “Zane” Zanettini, piermario

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