Thousands Flock to South Korea for Plastic Surgery

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Medical Tourism

Special information desk at Incheon International airport dedicated to helping medical tourists.

South Korea offers mountains, beaches, historical sites, and plenty of both natural and man-made wonders. Aside from that, the country also features several popular festivals including the Lotus Lantern Festival in May which celebrates the birth of Buddah.

It’s a hot spot rich in culture and unique delicious cuisine. However, aside from traditional draws, South Korea tourism also caters to thousands of “medical tourists” with many flocking to South Korea for cosmetic surgery including everything from hair transplants to face lifts.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism – What Is It?

Medical tourism is a phenomenon created by people visiting a place specifically to take advantage of medical services available for less. South Korea is the perfect destination for those looking for a nip or tuck, for it has one of the world’s highest ratio of plastic surgeons per capita.

The growth in the plastic surgery sector there is highlighted by the plethora of advertisements found in Seoul’s wealthy southern areas. One of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery companies, Dream Plastic Surgery, says that about 40 percent of their customers now come from overseas.

A large number of Chinese use this company because they want rounder eyes or a higher nose, while Japanese customers are looking for something more natural.

Medical Tourism

More than Plastic Surgery

However, medical tourism in South Korea extends beyond plastic surgery. Most of the country’s leading hospitals are courting foreign tourists to their special international health centers by promising quality treatment for significantly lower prices. Tourists can even find a special information desk at Incheon International airport dedicated to helping medical tourists.

For those considering a visit to South Korea for a medical procedure, companies such as Dowoo Tour, helps take care of visa arrangements, hospital arrangements, hotel bookings, and also makes arrangements for sightseeing while you recuperate. It definitely offers a different kind of getaway.

While South Korea offers some of the best healthcare systems in Asia, the South Korean government has announced plans that include a help center which would provide legal support for foreign patients who are not happy with the results of their surgery. That’s another way of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Photo credits: Financial Times

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