Tortuguero Ecotourism Destinations

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Tortuga National Park

Tortuga National Park

If you’re in search for a natural outdoor experience that leaves a smaller carbon footprint, Tortuguero ecotourism destinations in Costa Rica provide just what you’re looking for with rainforests and exotic wildlife.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park located in Northeast Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast has no roads but is connected by a network of rivers and canals. You can access the park by boat or plane and once you’re there, enjoy the dense rainforest environment by boat or on foot. Tour boats are available to carry you along the waterways for a relaxing cruise that makes it possible to take it all in.

The small village of Tortuguero is located on the park’s northern boundary. It’s nestled between a narrow beach on the Caribbean Sea and the Tortuguero River. While the beach is beautiful, strong currents and sharks discourages swimming.

Accommodations are available in the village with about 18 places offering rooms. Most of the year it is easy to find a place, but if you plan to visit during turtle season, it is good to book well in advance.

Green Turtle

Nesting season is the most popular time to visit.

Take a Tour

The best way to take advantage of your trip to Tortuguero is a tour. It not only provides a way to take in the biological diversity and wildlife, but local guides can also answer questions. Wildlife you can expect to enjoy in their natural habitat includes 57 species of amphibians, 111 species of reptiles, 309 species of birds and includes monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, and more.

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge


If you don’t want to stay directly in the village, other options are available such as the Tortuga Lodge nestled on 50 private acres on Costa Rica’s northeast Caribbean coast. Guests feel like they’re in a different world, because they are. After all, how many times have you stayed in a lodge with a thatch roof? And yet this riverside lodge boasts 26 deluxe rooms, and they have one “penthouse” that offers a couple of king size beds.

Amenities include a swimming pool which features a purification system that uses salt instead of chlorine, keeping with the eco-friendly design and making it a beautiful place to relax and take in the scenery.

During turtle nesting season (June – October) it’s not unusual to see a Green Sea Turtle laying her eggs. The Tortuguero National Park is only 20 minutes away by boat, making this a popular choice.

Photo credits: Imagine Latin America, Wayfaringinfo

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Sounds lovely but the mention of close proximity of sharks and strong currents make me wonder if this is the ideal vacation spot for me! The eco-tours sound exciting though!

  2. Donna Sundblad says:

    I understand, Ruby, but better to know it’s not safe to go in the water. It’s still beautiful, you can walk the beach and take it all in.

  3. newinoldtown says:

    We spent time in Totuguero about 5 years ago and loved it! We stayed at a little B&B in town, saw baby turtles enter the sea, ate at the bakery every day, canoed, fished, wandered and generally had a great time. There are only sand roads, no cars and no pressures. Everyone was so nice to us. The trip getting there was an adventure, but definitely worth it!!

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