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Qinyunshan Fujian China

Fujian Province is a beautiful place to tour with mountains, pellucid waters, rocks, and falls.

Beautiful natural mountain landscapes, farmlands and coastal waters make Fujian province an interesting and beautiful destination rich in culture, history, and famous historical sites.

Fujian China is one of the more modern, well-to-do provinces located along China’s southeastern coast. It enjoys warm weather year round with high humidity.

Altar Educational Tour of Fujian Province

Backyard Travel, which specializes in Asian travel, has just introduced a new educational Fujian China tour titled Fortresses, Modern History & The Hakka Tour.

This is an ideal opportunity to travel to China and learn about the migration of the Han people to Yongding and the self-contained fortresses they built. These fortresses were traditional communal residences that often included hundreds of people.

Travelers will experience a unique opportunity to stay in one of these communal residences, also known as a tulou, to learn first-hand about the lifestyle and how the modern-day Han have adapted. Guests enjoy a traditional family dinner consisting of authentic regional delicacies. 

This tour covers a variety of tulous within Fujian Province, each with a unique history and story to tell. The tour offers much more than just sightseeing and photo ops. It’s a real chance to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture as you learn about its fascinating past. 

Other Things to See and Do

Fujian Province, China is a beautiful place to tour with mountains, pellucid waters, rocks, and falls. If you have the opportunity, add a visit to Gulangyu Island to your itinerary.

Also known as the “Garden of the Sea” this island offers an adventure all its own with exotic architecture mingled with a Mediterranean influence. It’s a great place to enjoy sea breezes and sunshine as you visit historical sites including Buddhist shrines.

Tea Shop

This Fujian Province tea shop owner sells tea grown on his farm.

Enjoy a Cup of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a well-known product produced in Fujian province, so as you take in the sites, when you have a chance, stop and enjoy a cup of tea at one of the local shops. You’ll never taste fresher!

Photo credits: Jack Parkinson Pics, InSapphoWeTrust, Kevin.Qiu

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  1. Joquena says:

    I’d LOVE to see inside of one of those fortresses! I can’t imagine living in a time like that. We’re all so used to having our own homes and separate lives.

  2. Ruby T. says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! I would love to go and a guided tour to be able to understand the history and culture and meet modern locals would be so educational too.

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