Travel to Lima Peru South America’s New Hipster Hangout

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Couple in Lima Peru

Lima Peru is a unique city made up of a mosaic of several smaller cities representing an interesting mix of everything from the ultramodern seaside neighborhoods to shantytowns clinging to barren hillsides. It even has a golf course in the middle of the financial district.

While Lima clearly has plenty of poverty, the central historic district downtown has been gorgeously revamped over the last 10 years, and the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro are considered two of the city’s hip districts.

What to Do in Lima Peru

Tourists can spend days exploring neighborhoods and attractions with distinct cultures and histories, and while they’re at it enjoy a gastronomic experience of how it all comes together.

Lima Parasailing over Miraflores

Lima Paragliding over Miraflores

Paraglide Over Miraflores

Swoop and glide the updrafts above the hills of Miraflores centered on the Parque del Amor. It’s one of the most popular spots in South America for paragliding with stunning views that let you discover what it feels like to fly like a bird.

A beginner one day paragliding course is available for those who want to learn to soar like a bird on their own, or you can choose to fly tandem to experience the thrill of paragliding with an expert pilot as you drift above the cliff of Miralfores which is also known for its thriving night life.

Lima Huaca Pucllana restaurant San Isidro

Lima Huaca Pucllana restaurant San Isidro

Boulevard of Gastronomy

If you visit in September, you can experience the traditional farmers’ market in the Surquillo district of Lima Peru when it transforms into a pedestrian mall that showcases all the fresh ingredients used in Peruvian cooking.

Otherwise, be sure to explore the neighborhoods for a spicy, sweet, and subtle gastronomic experience. The most popular street food is a rice and pasta dish called five flavors. It an interesting mix of Italian, Chinese, Andean, Japanese and African influences.

Art Galleries, Pubs, and Casinos of San Isidro

San Isidro features the largest concentration of quality hotels and inns in Lima. Known as the garden district for its green zones, this is the preferred area to stay in. Here visitors enjoy a large variety of excellent restaurants including Creole, international and North American franchise restaurants.

The garden district also provides a wide range of things to do including art galleries, cafes, casinos, theaters, night shows, pubs, discotheques, and more.

In the summer months (December to March) the beaches of Miraflores are perfect for swimming, but walking the beach is a favorite activity all year round. Beaches differ but some offer medium waves perfect for those who surf.

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