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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine

Pemaquid Point is a captivating site and one of the most-visited attractions along the Maine coast and receives around 100,000 visitors annually. Its most recent claim to fame is that it appeared on the official Maine quarter in 2003.

The charming white Pemaquid Point Lighthouse also offers an opportunity to spend your vacation on site.

fourth-order Fresnel lens with a single lamp

Fourth-order Fresnel lens with a single lamp installed in 1856.

Light House History

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse has an interesting history. The name Pemaquid is thought to have its origins in an Abenaki Indian word meaning “situated far out.”

Pemaquid Point stands at the entrance of Muscongus Bay and was notorious for shipwrecks throughout the centuries, including the wreck of the British ship Angel Gabriel in 1635.

John Quincy Adams commissioned the building of a lighthouse on the point in 1827, but the mortar was mixed with salt water, resulting in crumbling mortar. The building was replaced with the current Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in 1835.

Other historic buildings still on the site include the keeper’s house built in 1857, an oil house from 1896, and a fog bell tower. The tower is actually a reconstruction built in 1992.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse - Maine

Vacation stays available in second floor apartment.

Stay at the Pemaquid Point Keepers House

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Keeper’s House offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand what it feels like to keep vigil over passing ships.

Vacationers can make arrangements to stay in a second-floor, one-bedroom apartment available for weekly vacation rentals. Proceeds brought in from the rentals are used to maintain and restore the site as needed.

Planning a Visit

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is managed by volunteers who belong to the American Lighthouse Foundation, and admission is free. These volunteers open the tower to the public “in season” which runs Memorial Day to Columbus Day.

Due to the volunteer nature of the staff, the tower may not be open if no one volunteers on a particular day. To check ahead, contact the American Lighthouse by phone at 207-594-4174.

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