Visit a Tiger Reserve for a Truly Eco-friendly Vacation

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Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that’s eco-friendly, consider a visit to a tiger reserve in India.

Believe it or not, these destinations aren’t just about the tigers. They have a lot to offer nature lovers and those who care about the world we live in.

Even as a tourist, you can get involved in the conservation of forests as you take in breathtaking scenery and witness exotic animals in their natural habitat.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Perieyar Tiger Reserve in India offers a diverse terrain with undulating peaks that merge into an extensive plateau and then drop into thick forested tracts in the Pamba River basin. The Forest Department runs an eco-lodge for experimental learning with a variety of activities and programs available.

For instance, The Bamboo Grove Program includes a visit to a tribal colony, wildlife films, a boatride on the Periyar Lake, and more.

If this sounds like the type of vacation you’re looking for, the pristine setting at the Periyar Tiger Reserve can be experienced through a number of eco-tourism activities. Check their website for more details.

Pench Tiger

Pench tiger.

Pench Tiger Reserve

The Pench Tiger Reserve, located at the Pench National Park, gets its name from the Pench River. This tiger reserve is actually the original setting for Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book. It is located in the lower reaches of the satpuda hills.

Visitors experience a wide range of topography, from sheltered valleys to dry deciduous forests. Wild life tours include:

  • Pench Tiger tour
  • Pench Weekend tour
  • Pench NP with Kipling’s Play Ground

These are just a few of the tours available, and for those who want to stay at the park, wildlife tour packages are also available with stays ranging from 2-13 days. Check their website for all the options.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is an ideal destination for nature lovers who are also history buffs. That’s because along with exotic wildlife, like the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, and striped hyena, the Sariska Tiger Reserve also features historical sites.

Guests get the chance to visit Kankarwadi fort and the famous temple of lord Hanuman and learn about the ancient history of these locations.

While visiting a tiger reserve may not be the first destination to come to one’s mind when planning a vacation, planning a trip to a tiger reservation in India makes sense for those who enjoy nature and are looking for a truly green, eco-friendly opportunity to witness nature first hand and to make a difference while you do.

Photo Credits: Pranav Bhasin, mckaysavage, lk photography&designKoshyk

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