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With the success of the Oscar winning Life of Pi, people have taken note of the movie’s stunning landscapes and exotic wildlife, and travel to India has grown in popularity.

For those considering a visit to India, the Nagarahole National Park offers 247 square miles of lush landscapes along the Kabini River and reservoir and features an abundance of exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. In fact, the reservoir is the best place for wildlife enthusiasts to view large numbers of animals during the dry season.

When to Visit

The Nagarahole National Park is opened year round, but the best time for a visit is October to May, with prime season in April and May.

The Monsoon or rainy season runs from June to September. Visiting during the rainy season should be avoided because the park is susceptible to flash flooding which can wash out most of the dirt roads.

Chital spotted deer

Chital spotted deer.

Wildlife of Nagarahole National Park

Whenever you plan your visit, it is important to know the park’s gates close at 6:00 p.m. each night for safety reasons. Visitors who arrange lodging within the park need to take this into consideration.

It’s important to remember that this is not a zoo-like atmosphere with domesticated animals. Large mammals including wild elephants, tigers, leopards, dholes, and gaur are likely to be seen. In fact, it isn’t unusual for an elephant family to chase your vehicle, so be aware of your surroundings!

Along with a large elephant and bison population, smaller animal species common to the Nagarhole National Park include chital spotted deer, mouse deer, muntjac, which means barking deer, four-horned antelope, mongoose, otters, sloth bear, and more; plus, it’s a bird sanctuary with almost 250 species making their home there.

Along with the furry and feathered animals, the Nagarahole National Park also is home to a number of reptilian critters including larger species like rock pythons, monitor lizards and marsh crocodiles, plus countless frogs and other species.

Nagarahole National Park

Pristine Valleys, Gentle Slopes, and the Kabini River

The park is so large, it offers a variety of landscapes from dry deciduous forested areas, to tropical forests lined with serpentine streams, to swampy grassy areas where the soil is moist year round.

The changing terrain and river setting provide innumerable opportunities to view wildlife amid the southern jungle of India.

Photo credits: * Jerry *, Rakesh Belliappa, M e d a

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