Visit Remote Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia

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Raja Ampat Islands

If you’ve ever seen shots of people snorkeling amid colorful marine life and wished for just such an experience, a visit to Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia delivers all that more. This archipelago is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle and features one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth with over 500 species of coral and over 1,300 species of fish.

Snorkeling and Diving Paradise

Raja Ampat Archipelago are ensconced in greenery and are part of the newly named West Papua province of Indonesia. The islands offer some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Most of the islands are limestone pock-marked with caves.

The Oceanic Society offers a number of diverse snorkeling opportunities daily. Itineraries offer a combination of island exploration and one of the best remote snorkeling expeditions possible.

Participants enjoy snorkeling along miles of hard and soft corals in the azure waters off the coast of the mushroom-shaped rock islands, and out of the water they have the opportunity to explore some of the larger islands such as Waigeo.

It’s a perfect opportunity to stroll white sand beaches, and spot many species of birds and other wildlife, and at Gam Island they may even spot the stunning Bird of Paradise.

Raja Ampat Islands


Accommodations are found aboard a 23 passenger schooner which offers 12 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite facilities. The air conditioned Saloon is a large area with surrounding windows which offer magnificent views of the topography. This section of the ship includes the dining and lounge area and is a great place to unwind and spend time with other participants.

If you prefer, you can lose yourself in a good book from the library, too. While the vessel can accommodate 23 people, they choose to keep the number at 16 people total.

Those looking for remote snorkeling or diving opportunities who visit Raja Ampat Archipelago will also be rewarded with the opportunity to explore the islands. For itinerary specifics, be sure to visit their website.

Photo credits: See-ming Lee, Tony Shih

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