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Terme Dei Papi

The therapeutic thermal waters of Terme dei Papi of Viterbo, Italy, have been a favorite destination since ancient times. In fact, during Medieval times, the thermal baths of Viterbo were visited by a long line of popes.

In 1404, Pope Boniface IX accepted the gracious invitation to take advantage of the therapeutic waters and mud to cure his “terrible aches of the bones” and he had a palace built there so he had a place to stay while undergoing therapy.

Medieval Viterbo

Today, people still flock to Viterbo to visit the Terme dei Papi for treatments that include a wide range of therapies that involve mud treatments and bathing in a large swimming pool which releases natural sulphurous vapors.

The main town is located about 70 kilometers north of Rome in the province of La Tuscia, Italy, and has a population of about 60,000 people. Here you’ll find a perfectly preserved Medieval old-town with a network of alleyways and historic buildings including the Palazzo dei Papi – “the Popes’ palace.”

Terme Dei Papi

The Bullicame Spring

The thermal area is situated approximately 3 kilometers outside Viterbo at the Bullicame Spring known for its therapeutic properties which are attributed to its sulfate-sulfur, alkali-iron, fluoride waters and 58°C temperature.

Here you’ll find the Terme dei Papi bathing establishment with its 2,000 square-meter pool fed by waters from the spring which is said to help prevent or cure chronic bone and joint pathologies, skin problems, breathing issues, and more.

Popes’ Bath Spring

Alternate natural springs are available on the grounds of the Terme dei Papi that offer different chemical and physical compositions for additional therapies that address other medical complaints including gastroenterology, angiology and stomatology.

The Pope’s Bath, is one of these springs and offers carbonic-ferruginous properties for people looking for treatment for the inflammation of a blood vessels.

Types of Treatments You Can Expect

Guests of the Terme dei Papi Spa can enjoy a number of relaxing massage packages designed to melt away stress and restore energy. Other therapies available include inhalatory treatments, mud bath therapies, and specialized treatments that address general aches and pains as well as specific health issues.

Free medical check-ups and medical supervision are provided throughout the treatment period. For those who don’t need therapy of any sort, beauty treatments and couples treatments are also available.

For more information, visit their website.

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