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Visit the Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts

September 22, 2013 by

Salem Witch Museum

Step back in time to 1692 with a visit to the Salem Witch Museum in Salem Massachusetts. The museum shines a light on a time in history when everyday people were tried for being witches. Or were they just everyday people?

Museum guides walk you through the truth about witches then, as well as the changing interpretations of witches and witchcraft today. A visit to this museum will help you see beyond the stereotypes as you experience the drama of history as it unfolds through life-size sets and figures accompanied by a stirring narration.

Sarah Good Trial

Sarah Good Trial

Group Tours

Group tours of 10 people or more provide an overview of the events of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Exhibits follow the history of witches, witchcraft and witch hunts through the ages, but the main presentation centers on the witch trials and an introduction to an ancient pagan wise woman, a stereotypical witch, plus modern witchcraft and witch hunts.

Choose Your Itinerary

Visiting the museum offers options of things to see and learn about. The tour listed above lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Other things to see and do include a visit to the Salem Witch Dungeon where visitors witness a live performance of the Sarah Good Trial (in season) or Cry Innocent, The people versus Bridget Bishop. She was the first woman hung as a witch on Gallows Hill.

Salem Witch Museum

Halloween Festival

Salem is famous for hauntings and it’s a popular destination that draws visitors who want to experience such an event first hand.

The fall’s Halloween festival is held in October and is well attended for this reason. If you’re interested in attending the month-long Halloween festival, visit the Haunted Happenings website for details of what to expect and where to go.

While the Salem Witch Museum is open year round, the hours do vary depending on the season with the most people visiting in the spring and fall. Check their website for current hours to plan your visit.

Photo credits: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, osseous, osseous

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    This would be a fun day out near Halloween! Amazing to think what people did to “witches” not that long ago in human history.

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