Visit the World’s Tallest Tower, Tokyo Skytree

October 21, 2012 by

After almost four years of construction, the world’s tallest tower opened this past May in Sumida, Tokyo.

While one of the main functions of the Tokyo Skytree is that of a broadcasting tower, relaying television and radio signals, the sheer height has quickly made it an attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Visitors are able to travel to two observation decks (the tallest one at 1,480 feet) for a bird’s eye view of the city. And just in case they want to linger a while longer while grabbing a bite to eat, the Skytree also has a restaurant and a cafe looking over the city.

The entire tower stands at 2,080 feet tall — that’s more than 500 feet taller than the Empire State Building and more than twice the height of the Eiffel Tower.

The distinction of the tower is important, as the Skytree is only the second tallest structure in the world. The record for tallest structure still goes to Dubai’s Burj Kalifa, which stands at 2,720 feet high. Previous to the opening of the Skytree, China’s Canton Tower was the world’s tallest broadcasting tower (at 1,968 feet).

Understandably, since opening, Skytree has attracted the masses and celebrated its 10 millionth visitor less than two months after opening. Tickets are still sold out months in advance, so if you’re visiting the city and want views from on high, it’s best to reserve your tickets online early.

photo credits: Manish Prabhune, flickr; [email protected], flickr

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