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Sydney Zoo

Have your picture taken with a koala.

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo introduces guests to an authentic outback experience without having to leave the city.

The Sydney Zoo is more than just a zoo; it’s a wildlife experience that guides visitors through various iconic Aussie habitats as well as interactive displays, wildlife shows and more.

The new Kangaroo Walk-About is fast becoming a favorite.

Joey in the pouch

Joey in the pouch.

Kangaroo Walk About

The Kangaroo Walk About is the most recent addition to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. Here visitors enjoy an opportunity to walk around in a large portion of the area where wallabies, kangaroos, and other animals roam.

The display includes Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Echidnas, wallabies (some with baby “joeys” in their pouches), and cute baby Emus! While in this zone, you can also take part in an interactive wildlife show.

Koala Encounters

Koalas are a favorite around the world, and the Koala Encounters zone offers a unique opportunity to not just see these cuddly-looking creatures, but also a chance to actually touch them.

Koala Encounters takes guests to an open air rooftop area where they can meet and even have their picture taken as they pat a koala.

Butterfly Tropics

Butterfly Tropics

Butterfly Tropics

The Butterfly Tropics zone introduces Australia’s tropical side. The wide range of diverse wildlife includes butterflies and much more.

You’ll marvel at the lush ferns and palms, and be amazed when you spot pythons blending in with the vines! Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see everything from fish, to birds, frogs and turtles, too!

Other Zones to Explore

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo features other zones, including the Gum Tree Valley where the scent of eucalyptus exudes from the gum trees, or the Daintree Rainforest or Kakadu Gorge where you can witness grasslands, floodplains and estuary flats.

It really is a unique opportunity to experience Australia up close and personal.

Best Deal on Tickets

If you’re looking for the best deal on tickets to the Sidney Zoo, visit their website. They offer a number of ways to save money whether you’re a one-time visitor or want to combine savings with visits to other Sydney attractions.

The Sydney Zoo also offers a unique opportunity for a behind the scenes tour, but space is limited so contact them right away if you are interested.

Photo credits: JSA_NZ, pelican, I’m[Nannie]

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