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Wreck Diving on Coron Island

August 28, 2013 by

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake

The sparkling, azure waters of Kayangan Lake, located on Coron Island north of Palawan, are unsurpassed for beauty. The crystal clear waters are surrounded by rocky mountains covered in lush vegetation and the lake has the reputation of being the cleanest inland water in Asia .

The stunning landscape looks like a post card of paradise but this island also offers a unique adventure beneath the water as divers and snorkelers flock to visit the wreck of the Japanese supply fleet sunk in September 1944.

Coron Dive

Coron Island Wreck Dive Sites

Coron Island is the third largest island in the Phillipine archipelago and once belonged to the ancestral domain of the Tagbanwa people.

The area is famous for WWII wrecks, which provide outstanding snorkeling and a wide-range of diving opportunities with clear underwater visibility.

  • Irako (Refrigeration Ship): Located in Coron Bay, the Irako was a large (9723 ton) Japanese refrigeration ship powered by two steam powered turbines driving twin props. This wreck has a reputation as the best wreck dive in the Philippines because the ship is still quite intact. Experienced, properly equipped divers can experience deep penetration through the engine room. For most divers, this dive is best made at deck level (28-35 meters). The maximum depth on the bottom is 43 meters. Recommended certification levels: Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver Specialty, Wreck Diver Specialty. 
  • Okikawa Maru (Tanker): The Okikawa Maru was a 168-meter-long Japanese tanker sunk 2 miles south of Conception. It is the largest of the Coron wrecks and totally covered in coral. Divers witness a large variety of marine life, and advanced wreck divers can penetrate up the propeller shaft from the outside of the ship and swim all the way to the engine room. 
  • Kitsushima (Seaplane Carrier): This Japanese seaplane carrier wreck is located in the waters near Manglet Island. The ship was powered by 4 diesel engines driving twin props. 
  • Akitsushima (Warship): This warship was armed with anti-aircraft guns. Today divers can visit this wreck which lays on her port side. It experienced significant internal damage and was almost cut in two. Between the depth and sharp metal hazards, swim-throughs are prohibited without wreck diver certification.

Coron Dive

This short list is a sample of the wrecks to visit around the Coron. For a complete list with details and diving recommendations, visit the Coron Wrecks website. For divers, the waters around Coron offer an underwater paradise.

Photo credits: Haundreisbrownpau, brownpau

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