5 Best Cafe to Have a Cupcake in New York City

January 18, 2012 by

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this delicious, sweet, baked good. New York City is home to many things, and place to enjoy a simple pleasure in life, the cupcake, is one of them.

Magnolia Bakery opened in the summer of 1996 on a calm corner in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village. It was imagined as a comfy, old-fashioned shop where people could come for coffee and something sweet. With its traditional American desserts and decor, customers often remark that walking into the Bakery is like taking a step back in time. In 2007, the original owner decided to pass her oven mitts to a new family she felt would uphold the honesty of what had become an iconic brand. And so, Steve Abrams, a veteran NYC restaurateur and consultant along with his wife and daughter, took over the Bakery. Since then they have slowly and attentively lengthened from one shop to six.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is an affectionate, comfy and enjoyable place with a 60’s/70’s vibe to it. A place where people can not only pick up yummy tasting treats to go, but could just hang out as if they were in their own space. Most of their furniture came from the owners’ apartments, to thrift shop finds, friends and even throw-aways on the street have helped fashion that warm, cozy ambiance that exists at sugar Sweet sunshine today.

Two Little Red Hens is an American Bakery found on the Upper East Side. This place is somewhere you can definitely take your time. Each decorated cake, latticed pie, and fruit-studded tart addresses of attention to craft, and deserve slow savoring. Half a dozen varieties of chocolate cake join lemon tarts, rich brownies and seasonal confections, like Very Berry cake in summer and pear-walnut tart in the fall. The shop and cafe highlights its seasonal treats, decorating the store each month for upcoming holidays.

In 2003, Billy’s Bakery was created with the goal of providing for their customers with timeless American baked goods in a warmhearted, welcoming environment. By baking all their products on-site, they fill their 1940s-style stores with the delectable smells of fresh cakes and pies to bring back that enchanting, warm feeling of Grandma’s kitchen. Each day, they bake everything from scratch using the finest ingredients. From apple pie to Red Velvet cupcakes, their treats are meant to bring you back to a time when a bite of something sweet could make the world a little brighter.

Cupcake Café, which opened in 1988, just south of Port Authority, patrons can enjoy whole-wheat doughnuts, thick, fluffy waffles, and hearty soups. Cupcake Cafe also crafts dense cakes and cupcakes with the thickest buttercream frosting you may ever taste. Guests can choose from their signature floral designs and sports motifs for either.

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