5 Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Herbert Samuel- 6 Koifman st. Bet Gibor Tel Aviv

Overlooking the promenade and sea, Herbert Samuel is one of the most popular restaurants in Tel Aviv. Packed from noon-midnight, this trendy restaurant headed by renowned chef Yonatan Roshfeld, is an absolute success on local standards. Chef Yonathan Roshfeld, the prince of the Israeli haute-cuisine, has created a new, upbeat restaurant that serves mostly first courses. Taking on the meze/tapas tradition and giving it a local interpretation, Roshfeld has created a menu that offers a wide selection of small to medium sized portions.

Shakuf – 2 Magen Avraham, Tel Aviv-Yaffo

is one of the latest restaurants to appear on the Israeli dining scene and it stands out above the others by its unusual combination of ingredients, the surprising way in which the food is served, and the stylish, industrial chic interiors of the restaurant in a very quiet neighborhood in Jaffa, nowhere near the Jaffa port where most of the other trendy restaurants are located. The crowd is young and fashionable, but not snobbish.

Raphael- 87 Hayarkon St. Tel-Aviv

Rafael Tel Aviv is a chic bistro considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Israel, located between some of the many beachfront hotels in Tel Aviv. It is run by infamous wonder-chef, Rafi Cohen, and has been locals and tourists’ favorite for years. And off course there’s the location’s bonus – Rafael’s quality meal and pleasant surroundings is accompanied by some great sea view, seen from the restaurant’s large windows.

The menu served by Chef Rafi Cohen is a blend of the French and Mediterranean cuisines. The food is inspired by different cooking methods, mainly by the Moroccan cuisine. The dishes are generous, beautifully served and fairly priced, given the Cohen’s reputation. Rafael Tel Aviv is always busy, and in evening can get crowded, so visitors must book a window sit, or any sit for that matter, in advance.

Catit – 4 Hichal Hatalmod St., Tel-Aviv

Catit, established in 2002 and quickly built a reputation as a must visit eatery that offered outstanding dinning.The chef, Meir Adoni became known for his sophisticated combination of the finest ingredients creating a unique gastronomic experience in an elegant country atmosphere.

Messa – 19 Ha’arbaa St, Tel Aviv

Messa offers diners haute cuisine by Chef Aviv Moshe in a gorgeously designed setting that redefines the Tel-Aviv dining experience. Aviv defines the restaurant’s cuisine as “thrilling, far from simple, and with a subtext of Mother’s kitchen”. The menu is grounded on Provencal cookery techniques. Locally sourced materials are used extensively, there’s a strong emphasis on the quality of raw materials, plus games with different textures…so each dish is imbued with captivating complexity.

Alongside its creative menu Messa offers a professionally and thoughtfully stocked bar, plus “bar nibbles”. And the entire culinary experience is packaged in a restaurant planned and designed to become Tel-Aviv’s urban leader.

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