Bagels and Beans in Amsterdam

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Bagels and Beans Amsterdam

Bagels and Beans Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam, a favorite stop for Americans is the Bagels and Beans café. There you can enjoy a touch of home with treats like New York style cheesecake and a cup of American style cappuccino, but don’t expect the traditional American Bagel shop. Bagels and Beans offers an English menu and has several locations in Amsterdam, so it isn’t hard to locate one or to place your order. Plus they provide free Wi-fi.

Good Place for Lunch

As the name suggests, the menu revolves around bagels along with delicious fillings like honey and walnut cream cheese. A nice selection of sandwiches served on the bagel of your choice makes it an ideal lunch destination. Sandwich choices range from ham or pastrami sandwiches to vegetarian options like avocado, tomatoes and lettuce, or sun-dried tomatoes, black tapenade, pine nuts and basil. 

The variety offers something to suit every taste. Bagels include everything from plain to whole-grain and multi-grain options, plus a unique tomato bagel. Along with the cold sandwiches, Beans and Bagels serves specials without cream cheese, and warm bagel sandwiches like tuna melts. If you’ve got a sweet tooth going, you can live on the wild side and order a banana, maple syrup and cinnamon bagel, or one of their other sweet menu selections.

Lunch at Bagels and Beans

Lunch at Bagels and Beans

Open for Breakfast

While Bagels and Beans is a popular lunch stop, they are open for breakfast too. Start your day checking your email and drinking a glass of fresh squeezed juice. They offer green energy drinks as well as carrot juice blends and fruit juices. Aside from bagels and jam they serve “wellness breakfast” selections including yogurt, or muesli made with wheat bran, cranberries, bananas, maple syrup, and more. 

Bagels & Beans mochachino

Bagels and Beans mochachino.

The Beans

The beans in the Bagels and Beans name refers to coffee beans. They serve up standard filtered coffee as well as specialties like espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and more. They also offer a whole menu page of teas, as well as traditional Dutch aniseed milk. Complement the beverage of your choice with a slice of cheesecake or a brownie. 

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