Bar Carrera a Tapas Bar in New York City

August 1, 2011 by

Bar Carrera is located in New York City.
Tapas can mean almost anything these days, but pintxos (tastings served in the Basque region of Spain) are a little more specific. Owner Frederick E. Twomey, who first took on European snacks at Bar Veloce, named his wine bar for a men’s culinary club in San Sebastian, then disguised the inside with a rippled glass front.

The long space holds a poured concrete bar fronted by dark wood-grained stools and backed by shelves of wine while an eating counter runs along one Moroccan-tiled wall. More space can be found around poured-concrete tables in the back room or a linked space next door, both later additions to the bar. A mix of Iberian and American pop lights the mood for local friends and dates. Surprising matches distinguish the menu of tiny bites: rich, slightly charred pork caramelized with juniper sugar, and creamy garrotxa cheese paired with guava-like membrillo paste. The regional Spanish reds, whites and sherries are equally tempting, among them strong tempranillos and strawberry sangria, fresh with mint and cardamom.

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  1. Thank for share i love it and bookmark this content and share I look forward to seeing more.. Thank for sharring.

  2. Clara K. says:

    frederick twomey & mija sanner, miss them mucho!!!!

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