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Bright Star

The Bright Star restaurant in Bessemer, AL, has been serving up specialty Greek-style dishes since 1907. It started out serving customers at a single horseshoe-shaped counter that sat 25, and today they enjoy a regional following throughout the Southwest and offer seating in four rooms.

It’s the oldest restaurant in Alabama and has been owned and operated by the Koikos family since 1925.

Bright Star meal

Menu’s Star Dishes

The Bright Star offers a wide selection of choices on their menu and is known for their Greek-style tenderloin and snapper. The tenderloin starts with large beef tenders which are cut into generous steaks marinated for hours in the chef’s special sauce.

While they offer a number of snapper dishes, the Bright Star Specialty Snapper is one of the most popular dishes. Created with pure olive oil, lemon sauce, oregano, and the chef’s special seasoning, this recipe is broiled to perfection.

Along with these two favorites, the menu offers something for every taste. Whether you prefer a burger, broiled chicken, steak, or seafood, you’ll find delicious options to please even fussy eaters.

Bright Star3

The Secret to Bright Star’s Success

Running a restaurant takes hard work and dedication, and the family behind Bright Star’s success says their restaurant’s reputation has prospered because of their special attention to things important to any restaurant: outstanding service and superior cuisine.

Since it opened its doors in 1907, the small café has outgrown three locations, and moved to the present site in 1914. Patrons walked into the new location where they were introduced to mirrored and marbled walls, tile floors and ceiling fans – most of which are still there today.

Major alterations and renovations have been made in the kitchen over time, and in 1978 they added the “1907” room, and another expansion in 1985 with the addition of the “Dixie” and the “Green” rooms. No matter where your seated, though, you’re sure to enjoy good food served with hospitality in a unique environment. This restaurant is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Photo credits: Bright Star

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