Cafe Paludan in Copenhagen, Denmark

March 15, 2011 by

Paludan Bogcafe is a contemporary art gallery-restaurant for new & used books located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cafe Paludan is located in the inner city amidst the Latin quarter and the main pedestrian shopping streets. And, appropriately, right opposite to the university main building and the University Library building from 1861.

Having started its life as a typical book cafe with an emphasis on the books part, the place has recently, along with a name change, developed into more of a fully fledged cafe in a bookstore setting. The menu has developed accordingly, and if you want something unpretentious but just plain good, this particular cafe should be on your radar.

You can make yourself comfortable with an espresso or maybe a cup of Chinese flower tea and browse through the books in the shelves if you feel like it. They have everything from fiction to travel guides.

Cafe Paludan
Fiolstr├Žde 10-12 | Inner City

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