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Cheers was originally the Bull & Finch Pub.

For those who remember the popular TV show Cheers that ran from 1982-1993, visiting Cheers in Boston is a must.

In fact, even when people don’t go inside, they have to stop and have their picture taken outside, because the exterior of the building was used on the show. 


Standing under the Cheers sign is a popular photo op.

The Real Cheers

Cheers was originally known as the Bull & Finch Pub. The story for how it became Cheers Beacon Hill’s is a real-life “Hollywood” story. It started when three producers decided to create a sitcom that would take place in a neighborhood watering hole.

They narrowed their search to Boston and started visiting various pubs. One afternoon, they found their way into the Bull & Finch Pub where a bartender by the name of Eddie Doyle served them a beer and a burger. After they chatted, they thought the pub was a good fit.

They visited other possibilities but settled on the Bull & Finch. They created the TV show, Cheers, and the rest is history. The show premiered on September 1982 and went on to be one of the top-rated TV shows ever. As a result, the Bull and Finch Pub is now known as Cheers, and instead of it being a neighborhood pub, it is really something of a tourist destination.

What to Expect at Cheers

Because the TV show was so popular, some people walk into the pub expecting their Cheers experience to be what they saw on television.

In a few physical ways, it is. The stairs leading down to the bar, the sign outside, but other than that, it is a pub made popular by TV that attracts tourists. You need to have that in mind when you step foot in the door.

Beer and Cheers

Menu Items

As you might expect, a number of menu items are named after the characters from the TV show.

There are Woody’s Garden Greens, one of which is Lillith’s Pan Asian Salad, along with eNormous Burgers that would make Norm proud. Sam and Cliff have sandwiches named after them, and Rebecca and Carla each have an entrée bearing their names. 

For the most part, the food is average, but location is worth the visit, at least one time. If you’re unfamiliar with Boston, be aware there is now a second Cheers location. If you want the original, it is the one on Beacon Street. 

Photo credits: AlonsoP, Jamiriquai, Sorgatron

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    That’s good to know that it’s different inside to avoid disappointment. Of course the TV show was shot on an interior set.

    I *think* the same goes for Tom’s Restaurant from “Seinfeld” in New York – the sign outside is the same but the interior you see on TV is a set.

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