Copenhagen’s Noma a Gastronomy Adventure

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Moss and Cep

Moss and Cep


Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant has once again reclaimed the title as the “world’s best restaurant” by Restaurant magazine. What’s makes them so special?

It’s a combination of Chef Rene Redzepi’s re-invented Nordic cuisine and the presentation of plates served with foods that are so different that they are almost unrecognizable as food — and yet delicious.

Focus on Local Ingredients

Noma is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant which held the “world’s best restaurant” title for four years straight until last year when it came in second place.

Now the Nordic cuisine which is prepared with an emphasis that incorporates ingredients foraged from nearby forests and shores has┬ácatapulted Noma back to world’s best status.

Pickled and Smoked Quail Egg

Pickled and Smoked Quail Egg

Anything But Ordinary

Eating at the Noma restaurant is a real adventure and not for those with a picky palate. This award-winning restaurant serves guests a string of around 20 small plates, each with a different and unique bit of food.

The tasting menu runs $296 a person and serves up Noma specialties like a “Nordic coconut” which resembles a turnip, caramelized milk and cod liver, blue mussels and celery arranged beautifully on a small plate, or “moss and cep” fried reindeer moss and mushrooms.

Each dish is a an adventure in gastronomy designed to please the adventurous foodie. Wine pairing is an additional $185.

Nordic Coconut

Nordic Coconut

Reservations Required

Due to the popularity of the Noma restaurant, reservations are required. While there is no real dress code, nice casual is the norm.

For those unable to make it to Copenhagen to taste Redzepi’s re-invented Nordic cuisine at the restaurant, he has a cookbook titled Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant and features more than 90 recipes. The book also has 200 color photographs of the dishes as well as the unique local ingredients foraged from across the Nordic region.

Photo credits: Shiran De Silva

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