Craigie On Main Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Craigie On Main advertises that your experience will be “like a dinner part at home with close friends.” Chef Tony Maws, 3-time James Beard Nominee for Best Chef in the Northeast, merges French-inspired “nose-to-tail refined rusticity” with “no exceptions” local, seasonal and natural ingredients.
This restaurant, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a newer, more open incarnation of Tony Maw’s first opening, Craigie Street Bistrot. The individual spirit of the tiny bistrot is carried over and remains alive in this new restaurant space.
This restaurant is recipient of many awards and honors including: “Best Sunday Brunch,” “Best Breakfast in MA,” “Best Bigtime Chef,” and “10 Most Influential Restaurants.”
The food at Craigie On Main is almost always organic, is bought from small independent farms and growers and everything is made from scratch. They also recycle all menus and other paper, use earth-friendly cleaning products, compost whenever possible and are constantly monitoring energy use as to decrease if possible.
Craigie On Main’s a la carte menu and tasting menus change daily, depending on which ingredients are the finest of the day. A highlight of the restaurant is the renowned “Chef’s Whim” or Chef’s Tasting Menu, comes complete with a ringside view of your meal being prepared in the kitchen. Some examples of dishes found on a current seasonal menu include: Grilled Spanish Octopus, Chicken-Sausage Stuffed Chicken and Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Tart.
Craigie On Main is family owned and operated with every member of their immediate family has worked or does work full or part time. The restaurant decor includes various items passed down through the generations. This restaurant is run by a family that is sure to make you feel at home.

Craigie On Main
853 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
617 497-5511

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