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Delta Diner a Delicious Middle of Nowhere Experience

January 2, 2015 by

Delta Diner

Looking for a true diner experience? The Delta Diner in Northwest Wisconsin is an authentic 1940s diner. It’s not just a newly built “old” diner, it is the real thing but most of it is new.

You see, the owners wanted not just the retro look but the diner character, too. They found it by doing what is called a complete “frame-up” of a broken down relic. They found the 1940 Silk City diner in disrepair, and in early 2003 they contracted for a restoration.

Thus the Delta Diner was born “in the middle of nowhere” in Iron River, Wisconsin, located in the White River Valley.

Delta Diner Event Porch

Delta Diner Event Porch opened in the summer.

Open September to May

Today, the Delta Diner is a shiny, retro diner car open for business from September to May. It’s well known for freshly-made burgers. In fact, they grind their own meat with a mixture of 50% steak/50% chuck. The result is a juicy authentic burger made with real meat just like you would have been served in the 1940s.

These coveted burgers draw patrons on Mondays when they serve a burger only menu from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

New Event Porch Offers Extended Season

The Delta Diner has extended their season with the addition of an outdoor event patio/deck. Here they host a dinner series that entertains diners with topics from Midwestern wine to a Zen Monastery way of eating known as “oryoki.”

Delta Diner Pie

Pies are homemade, too.

Delta Diner Menu

Along with burger Mondays, and the dinner series offered in the summer months, the Delta Diner serves up breakfast, blue plate specials, and specialty sandwiches the rest of the week from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

What you won’t find at the Delta Diner is fast food. Just like the diner, and just like the burgers, the other food served up here are the real thing.

The diner only seats 38 so you may have to wait to be seated, but it is a wait well worth the reward. And when you finish your meal, save room for a piece of their homemade pie!

Check their Facebook page for updates and news.

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