Dim Sum at Yank Sing, San Francisco

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Dim Sum at Yank Sing, San Francisco

It’s no secret that San Francisco is perhaps the best place in America for dim sum, thanks to its deep history as the first U.S. port of call for ships arriving from Asia.

If there just isn’t time on the itinerary to weave through the streets of Chinatown in search of the perfect dumpling, though, the more easily-accessible Rincon Center on Spear Street offers a venerable solution: the award-winning Yank Sing.

Dim Sum at Yank Sing, San Francisco

Founded in 1958 at a different location and eventually settling into its current duo of addresses (the second, a popular lunch spot in the financial district, encompasses 49 Stevenson Street), Yank Sing has become known the world over for its signature Shanghai dumpling, a perfectly-steamed pork treat served with a delicate pickled ginger broth.

Its other offerings are worthy of note as well: among the restaurant’s top honors are its James Beard award, its Michelin ranking and its listing among the “Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants” as selected by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dim Sum at Yank Sing, San Francisco

Cart service is the order of the day in Yank Sing’s main dining rooms, while the Rincon Center location offers a separate takeout room with expedited service for those in a hurry. An ilk of Chinese food once reserved for Imperials is now accessible not only to high-end travelers and West Coast power players, but also to working stiffs and everyday tourists alike.

For those who don’t mind spending a bit of time savoring the delights of the Orient, a piece of advice: on most days, patrons begin arriving up to an hour before the restaurant opens, so reservations and/or an early arrival are advisable.

Dim Sum at Yank Sing, San Francisco


Photo credits: Yank Sing and author’s archive

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