Eat at the Cafe de Flore in Paris

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Cafe de Flore Paris

Cafe de Flore Paris

If you’re planning a vacation in Paris, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to eat authentic French cuisine.

One “sure stop” to include on your itinerary is the popular Café de Flore in Paris. It’s a perfect location to sit and people watch as you enjoy your meal and take in the rich historical setting. This well-known café is situated on the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Germian and the Rue St. Benoitand in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.  

History of the Café de Flore

The building housing the Café de Flore dates all the way back to somewhere around the year 1887 when it was named after a small sculpture of deity located on the opposite side of the boulevard.

From that point on, a long list of famous people have been linked to the building starting with author Charles Maurras wrote his book Under the Sign of Flora on the first floor.

The café itself retains its original Art Deco mahogany, red seating, and mirrors dating back to WWII. It’s always been considered a real hot spot to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous, and it is no different today. In fact, it’s commonplace to run into well-known intellectuals or celebrities.

Outdoor seating

At least stop by for one of their outstanding hot chocolates.

Menu Is Pricey

The Café de Flore in Paris is known for friendly service and a broad range of menu items, but the menu is also on the pricey side. If you don’t want to pay for an entire meal, stop by for a hot chocolate and a baguette or some of their outstanding artisan bread.

Sit outside and people watch at this historic location. You never know, you may spot someone famous! The café also serves juices and alcoholic drinks. 

Their French-style dishes are delicious, but if you need to stretch your vacation dollars, the omelets offer the best value for your euro at around 10-11 euros. A quiche is served with a side salad and costs around 15 euros.

This is one cafe you won’t want to pass up. Bon appetit!

Photo credits: sergeymk, Bryce Edwards

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