Eat Good, Feel Good: Chez Panisse

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Chez Panisse, located in Berkeley, California, is a playground for your palate.

Since 1971, the owner, Alice Waters, has devoted herself to making this restaurant something special. Her main goal is to emphasizes the importance of fresh, local, and sustainably raised foods.

The atmosphere at Chez Panisse is romantic, set up to mimic a French bistro. There are two levels: the dining room downstairs and the café upstairs. The menu changes every night, including the wine list, to mimic the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and proteins available in the region.

The restaurant, which requires reservations in advance, has a fixed menu. Monday nights ($65) have a low key, homey menu, while Fridays and Saturdays ($100) offer a more elegant and sophisticated menu. The café upstairs offers a more casual, á la cart menu for lunch and dinner.

Previous mouthwatering menu options include regional delights such as “Local halibut with steelhead roe, shaved fennel, and chervil” or “BN Ranch Turkey breast stuffed with herbs and proscuitto; served with green garlic mashed potatoes and spinach.” Dessert is equally as tantalizing: “Meyer Lemon gelato with candied pistachios and langue de chat.”

Whether you’re just visiting California, or you’re a local, add Chez Panisse to your list of must try restaurants. You won’t be disappointed.


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